As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh (May the Peace, Mercy, and Blessings of Allah be with you). Nawal. Moroccan. Living in France. Muslim Sunni. Law student and feminist. Fashion blogger. Pro-Palestinian and anti-zionist. Striving for justice and women rights in the world. Likewise, aspiring humanitarian. .اشهد ان لآ اِلَـهَ اِلا الله وأشهد ان محمدا رسول الله Ashadu an lâ ilâha illa-llâh, wa-ashadu anna Muḥammadan Rasûlu-llâh.I testify that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.


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Anonymous: Salam! Do you find it "hard" to be friends with non-muslim, in your country? I have 1 or 2 christian friends and there's no problem with them, but I wonder if it is a sin for me to be away of people of my school class, because I don't want to surround myself of haram conversations ( alcohol, party) and I automatically feel awkard and I don't belong to them, I don't know if its clear sorry! Have a nice day!:)
Wa Alaykum Salam,
Hmm yes it is quiet hard in here because they don’t have the same habits you know. Plus, situation. is getting worse - Racists all around, kids are so wicked by society, and fooled by it as well. Media make them believe awful things about us. And moreover, they are kafir. But I do have one friend she’s not Muslim but shes still comprehensive. I only see her at the uni you know we see each other in this context. And only in this context. Our lifestyle is not compatible with theirs. Even if they can accept your belief, they will never exactly understand the sweetness of faith we have within our hearts. Good company is required my friend to maintain your faith. Be around Muslims always always. Distance yourself from kafir.
Anyway, but you don’t have to be disgraceful towards them, remember what our beloved nabi told us, “be kind to people”.
Prophet Muhammad (saw) treated everybody, friend or foe, with kindness and taught his companions to do likewise. It is reported by Abu Basra Ghifari (ra) that when he was a non-believer he came to Madinah and stayed as a guest of the Messenger of Allah (saw). He drank milk from all his goats at night but the Prophet (saw) did not say a word. That night he and all his family slept hungry.
In fact, he treated all people with kindness under all circumstances and never showed any ill-will towards anyone or mistreated anyone. Makhul (ra) reported Allah’s Messenger (saw) as saying, “The believers are gentle and kind like a pliant camel which, when guided, lets itself be guided and when made to sit, even on stones, does so.” Mu’adh (ra) said, “The last injunction Allah’s Messenger gave me when he put his foot in the stirrup was, ‘Treat people well, O Mu’adh.’”

So, don’t take them as family, as a tribe, but you have to respect them though.
Sure they can lead you to such haram things and they will. That´s why you have to be around believers always. Bad company will lead you astray my friend.
hope you are well - stay blessed xx

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“They don’t know you like I know you.”

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There might come a day that Allah allows you to fall in love, and when you do you’ll be unable to fall out of it. And so he’ll put it into your heart to pursue her, and you’ll do whatever it takes to have her. Then one day you’ll go to her father and ask for her hand, and Allah will soften her father’s heart so that he’ll allow the union between you. You will marry her, and realize how lucky you are, and that despite her flaws you have been given the perfect complement to yourself. You can see in her eyes everything good you want for yourself, and you realize that every night that good lies beside you. Marriage will be difficult, she’ll be difficult, but she’ll be something you’ll pursue the best in, always thinking of her first, considering how she feels, and determined to treat her better than any other man on earth could have.

And so you two will grow old together, and if you did things right you’ll fall in love with her again and again and again each day, but only if you realize that love isn’t something you find but something you create. It’s something that abounds from the realization that you are both flawed, the realization that you’re both frayed, and that your union works best when following God’s design. You see his design and see that Allah braids you two together, and despite your flaws and your fraying, you’re made stronger than you two ever were separate You’ll realize that your families should be there for you, that being patient and not rushing is a key to success, and that putting God before each other is most important.

Then there will come a day when you realize that losing her would be worse than death itself, and so you hope and pray to God that you pass away before she does, because otherwise you know you would live the rest of your life dying from the poison of your broken heart. So you pray and pray and pray that God bring you home, before he brings her, not only so that you don’t have to live without her, but so that you can beg God to let her in to jannah for how perfect she has been to you.

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

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if i don’t get married in an elie saab dress what’s the point

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“The heart is not cleansed with ordinary water, but with tears of shame and repentance.”

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“They kill Muslims for they can’t kill Islam.”

Daily reminder
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“Everything I tried to hold onto, I lost.
Everything I let go of, returned.
Until I learned: The only way to keep something, is to let it go.”

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“In calling any critic of Israel anti-Semitic, many Jews are acting irresponsibly. They make the fight against real anti-Semitism less effective and look downright silly, as if the insult of “anti-Semitism” was a cheap trick to silence the universalist critics of Israel.”

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“You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.”

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